A new poll has Dr. Oz as an early front-runner in the busy GOP primary, looking to replace retiring Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey. Many Republicans, however, are questioning the TV star’s conservative credentials.

Jack Posobiec tweeted, “Dr Oz would be the Liz Cheney of Pennsylvania.” The Liberty Daily called him a Manchurian Candidate and a RINO, stating “we need to stop him.” As it stands, that could prove difficult. Conservative groups are urging voters to speak up against his bad credentials.

The crowded primary was shaken up by the departure of Trump-endorsed candidate Sean Parnell in October. The former President has not endorsed another candidate, and it’s possible others still plan to join the fray.

Further complicating the situation, the status of a 2020 election audit is about to go before a Commonwealth Court judge. Expect candidates to show increasing interest in this issue, hoping for a big endorsement to get them over the finish line.

By Christian Johnson

Christian is an American businessman, husband, father of five, and election fraud investigator since 2020.

4 thoughts on “Is Dr. Oz A Real Republican?”
    1. This is true. Oprah has always been elite and Dr Oz worked with her for years to get a steady supply of adrenochrome for his tinctures. Everyone knows this he even had to talk about it to congress but they never released the full report. Probably Clintons.

  1. Hollywood “doctor” wants to serve us? THE PEOPLE! He aint a republican. He’s only a Republican on tax day. Like a christian who only goes to church on easter.

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