Ben Garrison has decided to pull his support from Donald Trump today in typical fashion: by making an edgy political cartoon. The move comes as a surprise to supporters of President Trump, many of whom typically look to Garrison for humor.

Garrison took to his website to respond to critics: “Trump was booed and he seemed surprised. I’m surprised that he was surprised. Has he grown out of touch with the people who helped elect him?” he wrote. “Trump thinks he helped save millions of lives, but it’s more likely that he has had a hand in harming millions.”

This is the latest in a string of potentially coordinated attacks against Trump, including the one we covered yesterday involving Alison Wonderland. Patriots around the country are asking why this is all happening at once, and right before the midterms.

By Farrah Hanson

Farrah is a columnist and political strategist. She’s worked on several political campaigns as both advisor and speech writer. Follow her on Twitter @TheFarrahHanson

4 thoughts on “Ben Garrison Uses Latest Cartoon To Criticize Trump’s Vaccine Comments”
  1. It’s “happening” because Trump is selling the vaccines like his life depends on it. Duh. It’s not rocket surgery. There’s no grand conspiracy secretly underway to “attack Trump” and in fact the simple explanation that he’s out of touch with his base is explanation enough. He DEMANDS all credit an adulation for the “vaccines” so really his base is just giving the man what he demands. Why is that so difficult to figure out? I think you know very well that it’s not. It’s a plain as the nose on your face. Well, someone’s face.

    1. He’s deep state at this point. F him. I never knew he helped role this killing population control vaccine out the door. He can go to hell and so can anyone doing mental gymnastics defending him.

  2. bobo is a moron.
    trump has to play their game by their rules.. thats the simple explanation that morons like bobo the clown dont get.

    What if trump knew they had a plan to make us lock down for YEARS before bringing out a vaccine.. so he lighspeed the so called vaccine saving us all?
    meaning the vaccine did save us, even the ones that didnt take it, from much worse tyranny….

    he says its personal choice and should always be, thats all he needs to say, you make your own choices not the government, not Trump.. if you let others make your choices for you, then you are a clown… like bobo above…

    you people need to level up your IQ its low as shit…

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