As hard as the GOP tries to get conservatives into the voting booth this November, they can’t hide the fact that a recent SurveyUSA poll shows 72% of Republicans distrust our elections. This is because most conservatives agree that Donald J. Trump won the election in 2020, not Joe Biden. The results, however, were manipulated in real-time using altered tabulating software with the help of RINOs like Brian Kemp in Georgia, and Doug Ducey in Arizona. In fact, the steal could only happen if Republicans assisted Democrats—many states where Biden “won” had Republicans trifectas. RINO GOP leadership has completely ignored the outcry against voter fraud.

Then, last week, Kevin McCarthy’s anti-Trump scandal rocked the Republican sphere to the core. It exposed many details of how the RINO’s smoke and mirrors campaign works, like using America First talking points for political gain, or feigning support for a non-existent “Trump 2024” campaign. Now, the cat is out of the bag, and Mitch McConnell’s midterm strategy under the microscope.

It’s apparent that Republicans haven’t slowed down their attempt to end our America First movement, they’ve sped up. Now, instead of just going after America First politicians like MTG, Cawthorn, and Gaetz with smear campaigns and harassment—they are targeting us voters, using misdirection, false promises, and trojan horse candidates. If RINOs and Democrats could steal an election in 2020 while Trump was sitting President, you can’t begin to imagine what they’ve cooked up since Biden usurped the White House.

The GOP campaign strategy for the midterms is simple:

  1. Isolate and disparage Trump supporters by silencing “Fix 2020” messaging, encourage voters to “move on” and “win in 2022/2024”
  2. Astroturf “Trump 2024” and “Vote Red” messaging all over social media using bot accounts.
  3. Fill the primaries with pre-selected “Trojan horse” candidates, incorporate American First slogans into their messaging.
  4. Remove actual America First candidates from the primaries using technicalities or rigged voting.
  5. Placate the America First voters up through the general, urge them to vote even though the machines are rigged.
  6. Keep Democrats/RINOs in power.

It’s easy to see through the smoke and mirrors when you know the plan. So why is the GOP doing this? Answer: they hate Trump, they hate Trump supporters, and they hate America First. But, they also need those supporters to vote for their RINOs, which means they need to keep using Trump and his America First messaging. Expect to see many ”reformed” candidates who previously hated Trump now spouting off support for him.

Let’s breakdown why they are using this strategy:

  1. The GOP does not want us to think Trump won in 2020, and they don’t want to fix anything. It’s absolutely critical for them to push messaging away from 2020 altogether.
  2. Trump has not announced a 2024 run yet. The reason they are using “Trump 2024” messaging is to pull critical thinkers away from their research and towards the voting booth. This is classic misdirection, similar to what the Democrats did to Bernie. Remember, this is the same GOP that prevented Trump from winning in 2020, so why would they all of a sudden support Trump in 2024? Answer: they don’t.
  3. America First is a very strong movement, and the GOP sees it as a threat. By creating fake Trump-supporting candidates like JD Vance, the GOP is trying to control the threat by playing both sides of the field. Candidates like JD Vance will never win, but they will successfully suppress support for actual America First candidates.
  4. Some true America First candidates are starting to poll competitively, and the GOP is working day and night to remove them from the ballot. There are already dozens of cases of Trump-endorsed candidates having their campaigns stopped by the GOP.
  5. This is the most important part of their plan: get everyone to vote for their RINOs, by all means necessary. Their plan is simple: ignore rigged machines, ignore 2020, ignore the candidate—just vote for the party. This will be accomplished with astroturfed “red wave” and “take it back” messaging on social media and the TV. “Vote vote vote, so the democrats can’t win!” will be something we hear more and more, but it’s complete nonsense because the rigged voting machines have not been fixed.
  6. If all goes to plan, the GOP will have successfully manipulated the playing field, squashed 2020 audit concerns, and put corrupt RINOs into office.

Why are many Trump supporters taking the bait?

We reached out to people who believe Trump won the 2020 election but have still joined the “Trump 2024” bandwagon to ask why they’ve given up. Their answers were pretty consistent: “Trump won but it’s too late to do anything,” or “they proved the fraud but there’s no way to fix it at this point.” The problem is that those are just more GOP misdirection and lies. It absolutely can be fixed, and in order for that to happen there is still much to do.

The constitution does not specify a procedure for overturning a stolen election, nor does it prevent a stolen election from being overturned. In order to know what would happen, it would have to first be proven that Trump won the election, which would demand substantially more than the evidence of voter fraud that has been uncovered so far. Proving fraud is not the same as proving an incorrect outcome. To do that would require a full forensic audit of every ballot and every voting machine, but the GOP will not allow it.

Trump famously said, “if a thief robs a jewelry store of all of its diamonds (the 2020 Presidential Election), the diamonds must be returned.” If the GOP leadership cared about Trump and the voters they would conduct the audits, prove he won, and force the greatest reckoning in history. But they won’t, and they don’t care. They didn’t want President Trump in 2020, they don’t want America First now, and they don’t want President Trump in 2024.

By Farrah Hanson

Farrah is a columnist and political strategist. She’s worked on several political campaigns as both advisor and speech writer. Follow her on Twitter @TheFarrahHanson

9 thoughts on “The GOP Is Using Trojan Horse Candidates And False “Trump 2024” Promises To Manipulate America First Voters”
  1. I’m embarrassed for the good folks of Bakersfield who keep voting this swamp gutter slime into office. I have lived in Bakersfield 3x in my life and I find it sad a true Republican hasn’t been elected to represent that area. mccarthy is a RINO, not a Republican.

  2. It’s taken awhile for a lot of us Republicans to come out of the Twilight Zone fog to realize what a bunch of slime bait the RINOS are. We didn’t do our research on Graham and McConnell before the 2020 elections and believed those Trojan Horse traitors big time. Now we see them for what they are and many others too. It is truly a swamp and I hope we can drain it with real Americans that love our country and have the drive and will power to fix it!

    1. In California, the same tricks are in existence in our voting process- drop boxes, mail-in ballots, ballots accepted after election day. What can be done?

  3. It is sickening but I think Jim Jordan would make a real good house speaker. We do have to clean up!!! Almost impossible because most of the candidates lie, but I will not vote if its a RINO!!!

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