When Mike Pompeo decided to expose Dr. Oz, he didn’t have to look very far for dirt on the former Oprah star. Yes, aside from Oz’s public adoration of the evil Hollywood elite, it turns out he is also an arm of the Deep State who is being propped up by RINOs.

First things first: the quack doctor voted in the 2018 Turkish presidential election as a citizen of that country. This is a massive conflict of interest, and many are saying it’s possible that Dr. Oz is a tool for the Erdogan regime. Along with being a national security concern, Mehmet’s deep ties to nationalized Turkish assets like Turkish Airlines are a major financial red flag.

Dr. Oz also has a history of not voting at all in United States elections. Why would WE THE PEOPLE support a candidate who loves another country more than our own?

Mike Pompeo made his argument very clear:

“We criticize American candidates all the time because they didn’t vote, this is different from that. Not only did he not engage in the American [process], but he engaged in the Turkish political process. That raises in my mind a lot of judgments about his priority.”

Pennsylvanian Patriots: You must REJECT this snake oil salesman from being your representative on May 17th. Remember in our last article where we told you how the GOP smoke-and-mirrors campaign is operating? Well, Mehmet Cengiz Öz might seem like an okay candidate, but he is the definition of RINO and TRAITOR.

By Farrah Hanson

Farrah is a columnist and political strategist. She’s worked on several political campaigns as both advisor and speech writer.

2 thoughts on “Turkish Citizen Mehmet Cengiz Öz (Dr. Oz) Has No Place In American Politics”
  1. He was/is breastfeeding on Oprah and that should be enough to tell you the way that he thinks. He may be Trump endorsed but you have to think for yourself.

  2. McConnell is/has been deep state for ever. you don’t rise to his level “33º” on your own in this system. Mason’s put out a literary work saying “If the people want a hero, we will give them one”. There are many of these so called hero’s in the lousy “B” movie and the “popcorn” is salty and stale. Wake up and come out of the system of the damned.

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