The abrupt and violent rebuke of Madison Cawthorn by the GOP may have come as a shock to some, but the writing has been on the wall for America First politicians ever since the Biden regime was installed in the White House. The writing has been on True New America for months.

One GOP disinformation guru has even gone to The Daily Beast, seemingly proud of this victorious smear campaign. “It’s definitely a hit job that I’m happy to be a party to,” the veteran North Carolina operative involved in hit on Madison Cawthorn told The Daily Beast. “Most of the GOP universe has come around to align against this guy—you’re seeing a full-court, state-based, establishment pushback against him.” Is it because he exposed the GOP orgies?

State-based. Establishment pushback. They aren’t being subtle. Sure, you could argue some of the stuff that came out against Cawthorn was questionable at best—but where’s the dirt on McConnell’s links to Xi Jinping? Or the links between Lindsey Graham and the Biden family? Equally egregious acts, unequal coverage.

Does this sound familiar? This is the same game plan the RINO-GOP has followed since they successfully helped the Democrats remove Donald Trump from office. It’s all part of a larger RINO scheme—to smear, isolate, and conquer—during the midterms.

So, what’s next?

Well, it’s more complicated than that. For example: you may have noticed a split over the opinion of Colorado’s Lauren Boebert. According to the disinformation group themselves, this split is manufactured, and she is actually just the next victim in the RINO-GOP crosshairs. “We’re going after Lauren Boebert in Colorado in a similar way,” David B. Wheeler, co-founder of the American Muckrakers PAC, told Business Insider. “I think we’re gonna engage in that race pretty quickly.”

Looking back, you may remember how blatantly corrupt the RINO-GOP acted when dealing with Patriot Amanda Chase in Virginia. This is called the “Change the Rules” tactic and is another primary way of silencing America First candidates, commonly in combination with disinformation campaigns. It’s the same method Republicans used on Morgan Ortegus in Tennessee.

All of this is happening, as much as it is, while Pennsylvania is having a host of other problems—including continued errors on Dominion machines and dual-citizen candidates like Dr. Oz. The RINO-GOP wants control of the midterms, and they want Patriots to blindly comply. They have clearly demonstrated that they will do anything to get their way, including behaving worse than the opposition.

Patriots must pay attention to how their local GOP leadership is handling America First candidates: Can they be trusted? Are they welcoming? Are they hesitant? Who is pulling the strings?

We need you, the reader, to go to events—speak up, ask candidates who they think won in 2020, film everything, and upload the videos onto the internet. TNA needs your help crowdsourcing visual evidence.

We at True New America will continue our hunt for the truth, and report it directly to you unfiltered.

By Farrah Hanson

Farrah is a columnist and political strategist. She’s worked on several political campaigns as both advisor and speech writer. Follow her on Twitter @TheFarrahHanson

9 thoughts on “The RINO Plan For GOP Domination Won’t Stop At Madison Cawthorn”
  1. Romneys and RINOs are waging a all-out war against all us patriots. Ronna McDaniel, Elaine Chao, Xi Jinping! Who really owns the GOP? Keep up the good work.

  2. The swamp is defending itself tooth and nail. The deep state playbook has been on full display since 2020.

  3. We Will Not Stop Pushing for Law & Order and exposing Rinos and Socialist DemocRats.
    Who Took the Oath
    To Protect against. All Enemies, foreign or domestic & where are they?
    Silence is consent.

  4. GOP rigging polls too! Trump says it’s suppression tactics against all patriots and America first.

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