As I watched the documentary 2000 Mules, I could not stop thinking the same thing I’ve been thinking for almost two years now—this can’t be it. The number of votes counted in the 2020 election was more than 20 million greater than the number of registered voters in the United States; and Joe Biden, the least popular President ever, a man who would be lucky to draw a small crowd for a free raffle, supposedly got the most votes in history.

Yet here I am, almost two years later, watching a movie about the harvesting of hundreds of thousands of ballots, wondering about the tens of millions still unaccounted for. Equally baffling, or perhaps even more so, is why the Republican Party has made no meaningful effort over that time to expose and rectify this unprecedented crime, as Donald Trump (supposedly their own President) and his supporters (supposedly their own constituents) have repeatedly asked them to do.

“The thing that needs to be proven is that Trump won the election. The only way to do that is to audit the voting machines. That’s where the proof is. We need to stop looking for tens of thousands of ballots and start looking for tens of millions of switched or completely fake votes.” — V. Johnson

V. Johnson is one of the few independent investigators trying to figure out what really happened and why the GOP doesn’t want We The People to know the truth. While he is currently using an alias to protect himself, his sources, and his investigation—we have confirmed his identity and his professional credentials.

Mr. Johnson was a distinguished investigative journalist who specialized in elections, as well as a contributor to multiple mainstream media organizations prior to launching his independent career out of frustration over a growing liberal bias in the industry. He is quite well-known, and most of our readers will likely have heard of him. We are very pleased that he agreed to take the time to speak with True News America’s editor Farrah Hanson.

Farrah: Thank you for agreeing to speak with us, Mr. Johnson.

V. Johnson: Thank you for having me, Ms. Hanson.

F: How is your investigation into the 2020 election coming along?

V: I think it’s going to be a long investigation and a long book. It’s a very complicated and delicate process. As you might imagine, most people are not very forthcoming about their involvement in a scandal of epic proportions, or what they know about it.

F: That’s why you are using an alias?

V: Of course. It isn’t simply to protect my own identity, although I must admit I have been the target of constant threats and harassment since beginning the investigation. My main concern, however, is protecting the identities of my sources, which is absolutely critical to the investigation’s success. Independent investigators like myself are only able to do what we do because brave, patriotic insiders know that we take every precaution to keep them and their loved ones safe and anonymous. As you can imagine, the subjects of my investigation are some of the most powerful and dangerous people in the world, and they didn’t get where they are without knowing how to silence opposition and bully people who ask questions.

F: Why do you think your investigation has the potential to uncover information that nobody else has been able to over the last two years?

V: Basically because the only thing people seem to be looking at is evidence of individual cases of voter fraud. What I’m looking at is evidence of a conspiracy to commit and cover up an enormous, meticulously planned crime. On top of that, there is the issue of investigation integrity. Look at Arizona, Georgia, any state. Trump supporters have entrusted Republican politicians to handle the fight for election audits and even the audits themselves. Now imagine for a moment that some of these same politicians actually colluded to steal the election or cover it up. If you put the criminals in charge of the investigations, you shouldn’t be surprised when the crime isn’t solved.

F: In the published excerpt you wrote that you were still undecided about whether you believed the 2020 election was actually stolen. Has that changed?

V: Yes, absolutely. The deeper I dig, the more certain I become. If I could prove it, I would, and I do believe that’s where we’re headed, but for now what I can say is that the evidence, despite being mostly circumstantial, keeps piling up, and there is way too much of it to ignore. More than that, the means and motives could not be clearer. And finally, I have a lot of testimony that needs to be corroborated, and much more still to gather, but it consistently points to a conspiracy.

F: Your piece got some attention for suggesting that the Republican Party may have orchestrated the crime, which would seem to be even more sinister than collusion. Do you believe that was the case?

V: I don’t want to say for certain yet, but what I do know is that they refuse to talk about it. They refuse to look into it. Anyone can see that without an investigation. It’s obvious that Republicans want to cover it up and pretend it never happened. Why would a political party cover up the truth about an election stolen from their own President unless they were involved? At the end of the day whoever came up with the plan is not inconsequential, but the major takeaway from my research is that both political parties in the two party system, Democrat and Republican, worked together to rig an election. They actually work together much more than people realize, they just put on a very public show to make it seem like they disagree about everything. Trump was essentially correct about the Deep State. They didn’t like him talking about it so they flexed their Deep State muscles. That’s the story of 2020 in a nutshell. It’s the story of the real shadow government of the most powerful nation in the world getting away with the greatest crime in history without a slap on the wrist. The craziest part to me is that people just seem to be throwing their hands up and accepting it, moving on.

F: Why do you think that is?

V: The Deep State has basically thrown the kitchen sink at us for last two years to distract Americans from thinking and talking about the 2020 election. Look at inflation. Look at Afghanistan. Look at Manchin sinking his own party’s agenda. Here’s a war in Ukraine. Here’s a new disease. Do you really think it’s a fluke that Biden’s approval is so low? The Democratic Party wants Trump supporters to stick with the Republican Party. They would much rather keep the two party system in tact and give control to the GOP than risk the America First movement forming a new political party and actually draining the swamp, as Trump likes to say.

F: Is a 3rd party a realistic option for the America First movement?

V: From what I’ve learned writing this book it’s the only option, and it’s a lot more realistic than people realize. When the political elites of 1824 rigged a presidential election against Andrew Jackson, another outsider with a distaste for big government, he started a new political party and won immediately. In retrospect, it’s probably what Trump should have done in 2016. It’s definitely what he should do now. When you put all the pieces together, it’s the only way his movement can survive and endure without sinking back into the swamp. The Republican Party has shown they will undermine their own President and even rig an election against him if he won’t submit to their rules. Realistically, Trump has no future with the GOP, but he has a very bright future without them. I believe a Patriot Party or MAGA Party ticket would win in 2024.

F: Why do you think it hasn’t happened yet and why does he keep endorsing Republicans?

V: I think his supporters need to show him that they’re behind him and not the GOP. The Republican Party has done a great job of using his popularity for their own benefit. They’re literally using a “Trump 2024” campaign to try and get people to vote for Republicans in this year’s midterm elections. It’s incredibly sneaky. Nobody is running in 2024 yet. If Trump did try to get the nomination, they would find a way to stop him. That’s why they won’t audit 2020. If the GOP was willing to have Trump to be President, he would be President right now.

F: Are you saying his supporters should walk away from the Republican Party?

V: Yes, if they really believe in the America First movement and want it to succeed. They should give every GOP candidate and official an ultimatum this year— audit the 2020 election for real and bring back President Trump or go down with the ship and watch the birth of a real America First party.

F: Could Trump realistically be reinstated?

V: Of course. The GOP obviously keeps saying it’s impossible or too late, but that’s total nonsense intended to demoralize and confuse people. What people need to understand is that so far the only thing that’s been shown is evidence of fraud. People can say 2000 Mules proves there was fraud, and they’re right, but it’s a meaningless statement. The thing that needs to be proven is that Trump won the election. The only way to do that is to audit the voting machines. That’s where the proof is. We need to stop looking for tens of thousands of ballots and start looking for tens of millions of switched or completely fake votes. That’s what Trump and the majority of his supporters believe happened. Find that evidence and we’re no longer merely proving there was fraud. We’re proving the result is wrong, and we’re proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt. We prove that, and you’d better believe he’ll be back in the White House in time for dinner. We can close the book on a dark chapter in our country’s history and let the good times roll. Biden probably wouldn’t even know the difference.

F: Do you think the GOP would audit the 2020 election if Trump supporters threatened to boycott the midterms?

V: No. Just like the Democrats, Republicans are willing to lose in order to keep the two party system intact rather than change their corrupt platform. Trump is getting old, and Republicans are betting his movement will continue to fade away while the Democrats keep his supporters distracted away from the 2020 election. So no, I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. The only way to really know is for people to make it clear that they will not vote for Republicans who aren’t fighting to find out what happened in 2020, which at this point is 99% of the GOP. At least then the ones who are not involved, but are just covering it up or hiding from it because they are weak and afraid, might feel they have less to lose by standing up for their country and less to gain by protecting their corrupt party leaders and colleagues. Politicians are selfish by nature. As long as they think people will support them anyway, no Republican will risk the wrath of Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and the rest of the Deep State GOP, even to find the truth about the greatest crime in history. If they see that people will not continue to support them, then I can see some mustering the courage to take a stand. At least people would have a better sense of which representatives and candidates they can actually trust, if any. Maybe those will end up being the pioneers of a new America First party.

F: Will we ever learn the full truth about 2020?

V: I’m working hard on it every day, and I know I’m not the only one. There is a lot to dig through, but I’ll get to the bottom of it or die trying.

F: When should we look for your book?

V: That’s hard to put a timetable on, but I am a firm believer in the public’s right to know the truth, whatever it may be, and I am prepared to share any information I uncover as soon as I confirm its authenticity, and so long as doing so does not compromise other aspects of the investigation. Learning and revealing the truth is far more important to me than writing the book.

F: Thank you, Mr. Johnson. Good luck and please stay in touch.

V: I will. Thank you, Ms. Hanson.

While the truth lingers in limbo somewhere between blocked court cases and political circus acts, one thing is for sure: there is still hope. We The People have more recourse than the political elites want us to know. Regardless of what you believe, when the fraud is exposed there are systems in place to make it right. We need to start looking closer at the evidence, and ignore what our RINO Republican minders are telling us to do.

We will update our readers on V. Johnson’s book closer to its release, and on any developments in his investigation as they become available. Visit to read his original document online.

By Farrah Hanson

Farrah is a columnist and political strategist. She’s worked on several political campaigns as both advisor and speech writer. Follow her on Twitter @TheFarrahHanson

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  1. The Republican Party hasn’t done anything about all of the obvious findings over past year and a half is that it’s all one party.

    DEMS & REPUBs are a closed corporation that colludes with one another and has put up huge barriers of entry for any new parties seeking a foothold in the political process.

  2. Lots of info coming out, proving what we knew BEFORE the 2020 election—yet NOTHING is being done about it. It’s just more of the same.

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