Our least favorite “doctor” is at it again, this time going full RINO by removing all traces of Donald Trump from his website and campaign material. We knew this would happen, which is why we’ve written several articles about this foreign-agent-turned-politician who is funded by dark globalist money.

The move comes after GOP insiders urged Oz to take the “Youngkin route”, which is to deny any form of election fraud and distance oneself from Trump immediately after winning the primary. This is the foundational strategy at play within the GOP for the foreseeable future, and it’s all part of their plan to distract and distort elections so much that we ultimately vote for whichever RINOs they put on the ballot in November. In fact, the reason “Red Wave” isn’t part of our vocabulary here at TNA is because that term is code for “RINO Wave.”

If you want more proof, just look at how easily the GOP discarded Madison Cawthorn, and how many Patriots happily went along with it. That was pure and simple mass manipulation by way of disinformation, executed perfectly by the GOP with little effort. Madison supports Trump, Dr. Oz does not. Are we really supposed to believe that true conservatives want to elect a foreigner like Dr. Oz, but not a Patriot like Madison Cawthorn?

We need to send a message to the GOP, extremely loud and clear: We The People will NOT support traitors. We The People will NOT support a clear rejection of America First. We The People will NOT support RINOs.

By Farrah Hanson

Farrah is a columnist and political strategist. She’s worked on several political campaigns as both advisor and speech writer. Follow her on Twitter @TheFarrahHanson

4 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Removes All Mentions Of Trump From Campaign Website And Media To Appease GOP”
  1. I’ll be damned before I ever donate to the corrupt backstabbing RNC and GOP EVER AGAIN!
    I thought we may have hope but the evidence is everywhere that MAGA, Trump, and America First are nothing more than marketing and scripting to these soulless excuses of Americans. America First Party sign me up NOW.

  2. I doubted your work about 2000 Mules and GOP complicity in 2020 but your credibility is undeniable and well founded now. My sincere apologies for my doubting of you, Farrah. Anyone casting stones and criticisms is on the uniparty take and lying to patriots. Beware fake patriots for they are agents of the devil and deep state!
    Its time for a hostile takeover of the gop and ridding its ranks of these demonic deep state agents.
    Praise the lord for journalists like you Farrah!
    Please be safe!
    God always wins.

  3. Great the GOP is importing politicians from Turkey and Oprah Winfrey’s pedowood TV show. This republican party has killed MAGA and the conservative movement. See you RINOs in hell.

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