While many conservatives view Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a rising star in the Republican Party, some are skeptical of his sudden popularity among certain liberal elites. Recent reports of billionaire investor and far-left philanthropist George Soros’s endorsement and donation to DeSantis’s possible 2024 presidential run is raising eyebrows among conservatives.

Patriots were already a little wary of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s policies after he publicly opposed former President Donald Trump’s position on several issues. But now, with news of George Soros endorsing DeSantis for the 2024 presidential election, their concerns have only heightened. After all, when the devil likes you, it’s never a good sign. There are many potential reasons why Soros might be enamored with DeSantis, and none of them bode well for true MAGA Patriots.

One possibility is that Soros sees DeSantis as a valuable tool for undermining the MAGA movement and the populist agenda championed by former President Donald Trump. Some speculate that Soros may be using DeSantis as a tool to end MAGA altogether. As we all know, Soros is not a fan of Donald Trump, and if he sees DeSantis as a way to dismantle Trump’s influence, then we can expect a significant amount of funding to be poured into DeSantis’s campaign. By supporting DeSantis, Soros is hoping to weaken Trump’s hold on the Republican Party and push it towards a more moderate, establishment-friendly stance.

There are also concerns that DeSantis may be using his position as governor to enrich Wall Street investors and other powerful interests, further enriching elites like Soros. It’s worth noting that DeSantis’s policies may be more Wall Street-friendly than they are pro-middle class. Politicians who prioritize the interests of Wall Street over those of the American people are a detriment to our country. Also, with Soros being a billionaire investor, it’s not far-fetched to speculate that DeSantis may offer kickbacks to Wall Street investors in exchange for financial support. Soros’s rumored support for DeSantis may be seen as an indication that he, too, is benefiting from these policies, which could be viewed as a form of crony capitalism.

Finally, there is the possibility that DeSantis is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing, using his conservative credentials to advance a hidden agenda that is at odds with the interests of the Republican Party and its conservative base. Soros’s support for DeSantis may be seen as an endorsement of this approach, which could raise concerns among conservatives who value transparency and honesty in their elected officials. Regardless of the veracity of the reports, the idea of a liberal billionaire supporting a conservative presidential candidate is certainly intriguing. It speaks to the notion that political affiliations are not always clear-cut and that there is room for cooperation and collaboration across the ideological spectrum.

By Christian Johnson

Christian is an American businessman, husband, father of five, and election fraud investigator since 2020.

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  1. I’d like a candidate that is America first and not a Zionist (Rothschild banking cult) for once, but all get their paychecks from the FED and it’s all a fake clown show.

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