In recent times, the specter of Globalism has been raising serious concerns among patriotic Americans who cherish the values of national sovereignty, individual liberties, and the preservation of the American way of life. One of the major battlegrounds in this ongoing struggle is the relentless push by Globalists to defund Social Security, a cherished safety net that has provided vital support to millions of working class Americans for generations. But fear not, for there is a glimmer of hope in the form of a steadfast defender of the people’s interests, President Donald J. Trump.

Before diving into the motives behind the globalist’s insidious agenda, let’s first remind ourselves of the importance of Social Security. Since its inception in 1935, Social Security has been a cornerstone of America’s social safety net, offering financial security to retired, disabled, and elderly citizens who have contributed to the system throughout their working lives. This crucial program embodies patriotism and self-reliance and is needed to prevent globalists from wiring American retirement funds to multi-national corporations based in China and other socialist countries. It led to the start of American Greatness that President Trump wants to bring back from the brink of destruction. 

But for Globalists, this very notion of patriotism and self-reliance is anathema to their vision of a borderless world with unbridled corporate power. Globalists seek to undermine the fabric of our society, tearing apart the bonds that unite us as a nation. One of their core tactics involves privatizing programs like Social Security so American retirement funds can be offshored with American jobs.

Under the guise of austerity measures and fiscal prudence, the Globalist Establishment wants to shift retirement funds from American-controlled Social Security to supposed “private equity firms” that can easily launder money to China as some multi-national corporations report “financial losses” to justify a reduction of retirement payout for the American while also driving down American wages as would-be American retirees are forced to work pennies for those same Globalist-controlled multi-national corporations.

Enter Donald J. Trump, a President who bucks the The Swamp and stands resolutely against Globalist forces. 

“Under no circumstances should Republicans vote to cut a single penny from Medicare or Social Security,” Trump said in a January video.

“Cut waste, fraud and abuse everywhere that we can find it and there is plenty, there’s plenty of it,” he continued. “But do not cut the benefits our seniors worked for and paid for their entire lives. Save Social Security, don’t destroy it.”

Trump recognized the sanctity of Social Security, declaring it off-limits for cuts or defunding even as RINOs like Mitch McConnell pushed for cuts. He understood that safeguarding the livelihoods of American citizens meant honoring the commitments made to them, and he vehemently opposed any attempts to weaken the social safety net that millions of working class Americans depend upon.

Trump’s commitment to protecting Social Security was a direct affront to the globalist agenda. They could not fathom a leader who put the interests of the American people first, rather than bowing to the demands of the Globalists who seek to exploit the America for their own gains. By opposing defunding and cuts to Social Security, Trump demonstrated his dedication to preserving the American values that have made this nation great.

Unfortunately, the fight against globalism and the preservation of Social Security is an ongoing battle. Ron DeSantis, a pudding-fingered Globalist traitor, is strongly campaigning against Social Security and the American people. 

During a July 16 interview on Fox News, DeSantis addressed the hot topic that both sides of the Uniparty have “sparred” over — whether to preserve Social Security as it is, or “revamp” the program so funds are funneled to private equity firms in service of Globalists? He reiterated what many of his RINO colleagues also parroted from Globalist, that seniors who are now receiving benefits will be protected from any changes — he said it was “totally not true” the program would be cut for seniors — but “he might not be able to say the same for younger Americans”.

Recall DeSantis spent the entirety of 2022 saying that talks of him running for President and betraying Trump & the MAGA Movement were “totally not true” until he planted the knife in Trump’s back.

As we look to the future, we must be vigilant in electing leaders who prioritize the interests of the American people over the insidious agendas of Globalist forces. We need champions who will stand firm against any attempts to defund Social Security and who will fight to strengthen and expand this vital program to meet the needs of a changing world.

The battle lines have been drawn, and the choice is clear. Will we allow globalists to erode the foundations of our society, or will we stand united to protect the values that define us as Americans? We must honor the legacy of leaders like Donald J. Trump, who had the courage to stand up against the globalist onslaught by not voting for RINOs like DeSantis and McCarthy.

By Brian Booker

Brian Booker lives in Brooklyn, NY and works in the private sector. He writes on traditional conservative views and values to counteract the mainstream media narrative.

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