In the fast-paced landscape of American politics, we often get focused on the shiny news of the day: Hunter’s laptop, Boebert’s sexual exploits, Vivek’s friendship with George Soros, Obama’s birth certificate, etc.

But sometimes we need to slow down, step back, and look at the deeper patterns that run beneath those more sensational stories. Sometimes when we do this, a narrative emerges that seems almost too bewildering to comprehend. Today, we delve deep into the enigmatic realm of the Globalists and their peculiar approach to “saving” Social Security.

Yes, you read that correctly — they assert that their actions are in the best interest of preserving this cherished program. But we know that’s not the truth, as we have exposed before.

To fully grasp the gravity of this situation, we must first contextualize it.

Globalism dates back to the post-World War II era when international institutions like the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund were established. While proponents argued that these institutions were intended to promote global cooperation and peace, critics saw them as they truly are: vehicles for ceding American sovereignty to supranational entities.

Fast forward to the present day, and we find the Globalists in a position of unprecedented power. They have captured influence over our government at the highest levels. High-ranking politicians in both parties are frequently made puppets of the globalist agenda.

In 2023, it is the Republican Party who is the most under the thumb of Globalists. In the recent Republican Presidential Primary Debate, we saw the top eight candidates for the nomination (Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Doug Burgum, Tim Scott, Asa Hutchinson) squaring off on a debate stage (except for Trump — why wasn’t HE invited, I wonder?), and all eight of them were advocating for a policy that raises eyebrows and questions: cutting Social Security.

But what is Social Security? Social Security was introduced in the 1930s by Franklin D. Roosevelt and, since its introduction, it has been considered a cornerstone of American policy. It’s essentially an insurance program that provides financial support to retired or disabled individuals and their families. The idea behind Social Security is to ensure that our parents and grandparents don’t fall into destitution in their later years. It came about after the Great Depression so no American ever had to worry if their grandparents would be able to eat. That’s something every true American can get behind.

Social Security is arguably the most consistently popular government program in our country’s history, beloved by Democrats and Republicans alike. The reason? Democrats like the idea of people who don’t work getting money. And Republicans appreciate that Social Security is a system that encourages individuals to save for their retirement, which promotes personal responsibility and self-sufficiency. In essence, Social Security aligns with liberal values of not working, and conservative values of self-reliance and family financial planning.

The question that naturally arises is: If the program is so popular, why would ANY Republican politician try to make cuts, let alone all eight of the candidates that the Republican Party is willing to acknowledge?

The answer, according to their narrative, is that this approach would “redirect the hard-earned savings of everyday Americans from domestically-controlled funds” and put them into the control of vast multinational corporations. This, they argue, is necessary to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the nation. It’s a financial move that not only leaves many American economists scratching their heads but also triggers a wave of disbelief from the layman as well. They expect us to believe that by taking our money out of safe, stalwart American accounts and sending it overseas to Globalist-controlled hedge funds, we’ll all be better off. Forgive my skepticism, but my Granddaddy told me that if a man tells you that you have to give him all your money for your own good, that’s robbery — plain and simple — and it’s your duty as an American to stand your ground and put him six feet under.

Here’s where it gets even more intriguing. The Globalists are already implementing this convoluted strategy through something they refer to as “stock losses.” Essentially, they’ve found a way to manipulate stock prices to their advantage, driving some down and others up, all while discreetly advancing their international interests. Critics argue that this approach prioritizes global corporate interests over the financial security of American citizens. We can only imagine how the Globalists respond to this news. I assume with a chuckle as they watch their bank balance skyrocket.

Now, let’s consider those who support these Social Security cuts. It isn’t just the eight dopes who took the stage at the RINO Presidential Primary Debate in August, it’s also the long-time GOP establishment RINOs. It is cowards like Kevin McCarthy, the weakest Speaker of the House in my lifetime; Mitch McConnell, who used to be a calculating operator, but clearly sold out years ago and is coasting into the afterlife on a golden chariot made of Soros bucks; Tom Emmer, who may actually be brain-dead; Elise Stefanik, a Never-Trumper who pretended to be on his side when it was politically-convenient; and Steve Scalise, who is so utterly craven that even his own blood hates him. They’ve all taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in Globalist Dark Money over the years, and they are dancing to the Globalist tune.

When the RINOs in the Congress killed Trump’s infrastructure bill, they allowed the Democrats to seize an opportunity and push through their own infrastructure bill. And though it was flawed, it was SOMETHING they could point to, which allowed Democrats to court labor union support. It was a move that has far-reaching implications for the balance of power in American politics. If we want to get power back, we need to stop the RINO anti-worker policies, remember that Republicans are the real supporters of the American worker and start actually supporting labor unions again.

For those who oppose the Globalists and their agenda, the solution is straightforward: cleanse the GOP of globalist influences. The possible outcome? A resurgence of jobs for everyday Americans and a reinvigorated labor movement, ready to take on Globalist multinational corporations.

Whether the RINOs fully realize that they’re caught up in Globalist influence or they think they’re just “listening to the advice of their donors” is irrelevant. They take Globalist money and they’re pushing Globalist policies, and they must be stopped. Luckily, we have a candidate in this election who will be able to stop them.

He may not have been on the debate stage in August. But he will be on the ballot next November.

By Brian Booker

Brian Booker lives in Brooklyn, NY and works in the private sector. He writes on traditional conservative views and values to counteract the mainstream media narrative.

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