The Democrats in the WGA and SAG have been on strike for months, but the real drama is with the Republicans on Capitol Hill, where the GOP’s juiciest secrets and scandals take center stage. We’re dishing the dirt on romance, raucous scandals, and political power plays that are giving Hollywood a run for its money.

The stage was set, the lights dimmed, and the audience settled in for a night at the theater. But who needs “Beetlejuice the Musical” when you have the unscripted drama of Lauren Boebert? The Congresswoman brought her own plot twist when she got a little too “hands-on” with Democrat companion Quinn Gallagher. Cue the gasps!

Was it the allure of regional musical theatre that got to her, or was it just a date gone awry? Boebert insisted she was just “having fun,” but the theater staff wasn’t amused. Sometimes, the real show is in the audience!.

Witnesses say Boebert was on a mission to create her own drama that night, as she was seen taking flash photos, vaping, and rounding second base with her Democrat beau just a few seats away from a whole class of 7th graders. Was it really as trashy as the Fox News pundits (who delighted in calling her “Lauren Boobert”) say, or was the whole thing just an over-the-top encore to the performance? Or maybe she just dropped some popcorn in his lap.  You be the judge!

But as Boebert’s embarrassment builds, the impending government shutdown looms like a dark cloud over the real dramatic stage: The Capitol.  The stage is set, and the central plotline revolves around a high-stakes spending bill. A group of 13 House Republicans, primarily from Boobert’s own “Freedom Caucus,” has seized the spotlight by blocking the debate on the annual defense spending bill. 

Kevin McCarthy, the weakest House Speaker of all time, watches as his speakership teeters on the edge. The 15-ballot fail-a-thon that finally led him to the Speaker’s chair may have all been for naught if he can’t ram the bill through. McCarthy’s empty promises and craven compromises have earned him a shaky throne, and now he’s balanced on a tightrope between the demands of the Freedom Caucus and the need to prevent a government shutdown. Losing just four votes puts his speakership at risk. 

And, ironically enough, it may be Lauren Boobert’s Big Night Out in Denver that may mean the difference between “Speaker McCarthy” and “Kevin the Absolute Failure.”  

In this play, our leading ladies are the aforementioned theatre-lover, Lauren Boebert, and the Georgia Mad-Dog herself, Marjorie Taylor Greene. These two political divas have turned the hallowed halls of Congress into their own reality TV show. Greene, the firebrand Georgia congresswoman, and Boebert, the outspoken Colorado grandmother, have become frenemies for the ages. They share a flair for controversy and a knack for getting under each other’s skin.  Their relationship is a delightful cocktail of camaraderie and competition. On one hand, they entered Congress together and became fast friends, but as they spent more time together, they grew apart, with Boebert continuing to back President Trump, and Greene siding more with GOP establishment, and now they’re locked in a relentless battle for the title of “Most Outrageous Congresswoman.” It’s a feud that keeps everybody entertained!

The two women have clashed over several issues, including the impeachment of President Biden and the leadership of Kevin McCarthy. In December 2022, Greene and Boebert had a very public disagreement over McCarthy’s bid for House Speaker. Greene endorsed McCarthy and praised him for his globalist agenda. Boebert, on the other hand, opposed McCarthy and said that he was not a true leader or a fighter for Trump. She also accused him of lying and caving to the Democrats on various issues.  And just this past June, Boebert and Greene had a heated exchange on the House floor, which was caught on video. Boebert confronted Greene, and Greene responded by calling Boebert “a little bitch”. Boebert told Greene that they were “through,” and Greene accused Boebert of being a “jealous bitch.”  The two women also had a loud confrontation in the Capitol ladies’ room a few months later, where numerous sources reportedly heard Greene call Boebert a “slut” and Boebert respond by telling Greene that she’s a “skank.”  Do these girls belong on reality TV or what?  It’s just a shame they didn’t have a glass of wine to throw!

But what are a pair of leading ladies without their leading men?

For Greene, the reports of her ongoing romantic entanglement with Speaker McCarthy emerged after he became the Speaker of the House in January 2023 after a marathon 15 votes.  As we reported at the time: 

The speculation started during the widely-watched marathon voting session that eventually saw McCarthy elected Speaker on the historic fifteenth attempt, during which Greene was seen on C-SPAN looking to console McCarthy after a few of his losses.

There have been a number of sightings of MTG and McCarthy together, most notably in the lobby of the House chamber and in McCarthy’s office, where the two were said to have been seen in close proximity, whispering, laughing, and even touching each other in what some have said to be an intimate manner. “It was obvious that something was going on between them,” said one anonymous staffer. “They were very close and seemed to be really vibing. They were laughing and smiling, and it was pretty obvious that there was a lot more going on than just friendship.”

The two were also seen holding hands, touching shoulders, and rubbing legs both during and after the multi-day marathon voting session, a gesture that many have interpreted as a sign of an intimate relationship. The relationship between the two has been the source of much speculation, made all the more complicated by the fact that McCarthy is married, while Greene is in the middle of a divorce due to her alleged infidelity in the past.

According to reports, it wasn’t an isolated fling, but the two have stayed close, with McCarthy defending and supporting Greene through it all. The Times quoted McCarthy as saying to a friend in a private conversation: “I will never leave that woman. I will always take care of her.”  McCarthy also spent hours on the phone trying to persuade Twitter executives to reactivate Greene’s personal account after she was banned for tweeting “misinformation” about the coronavirus. Neither McCarthy nor Greene have denied the allegations of their affair publicly, but many sources indicate that they’ve been seen in “close contact” with each other around their offices, if you catch my meaning. 

Now, Lauren Boebert is well-known around the Capitol for her love of high-capacity magazines and even higher heels, and speculation about the true nature of the “political alliance” between her and Matt Gaetz, the Florida maverick who’s been making headlines of his own with his audacious moves and “bad boy” image, has become one of Washington’s most whispered-about open secrets.

The chemistry between Boebert and Gaetz is undeniable. They’re like two peas in a pod, reveling in the limelight and not afraid to challenge the status quo. But with the spotlight comes scrutiny, and in recent times, their relationship has come under the magnifying glass due to Boebert’s infamous “Beetlejuice Beat-Off,” which may be putting some stress on the pair.  Did Gaetz know she was seeing other people?   

But Boebert’s disregard for decorum aside, the key here is that the tension between these two political power pairs, Gaetz and Boebert, and McCarthy and Greene, are coming to a head (or hand, in Boobert’s case!) over a mammoth $826 billion defense package.  And remember, this isn’t your typical budget dispute; this one is being used to wage a personal war. The battle lines are drawn, and Republican defense hawks find themselves caught between two feuding power couples.

Matt Gaetz, never one to shy away from the limelight, seizes the moment to launch an all-out assault on McCarthy. His motives are drenched in a blend of ambition and vengeance. Perhaps feeling unsatisfied at home or driven by personal grudges, Gaetz’s audacious move to introduce a motion to vacate the chair is a direct challenge to McCarthy’s leadership and a potential catalyst for a government shutdown.  

My sources around the Capitol are speculating that it’s more than just politics driving Gaetz in his mission to remove McCarthy.  But what could it be?  Is it all just bad blood leftover from McCarthy’s record 14 failed votes to claim the Speakership? Or maybe it’s a grand gesture to show Boebert that the theater of Washington politics can be a match for some romantic date night with a Democrat in Denver? Or perhaps Gaetz is signaling to Boebert, “Why waste your time stroking off Democrats when I can make your rival, Marjorie Taylor Greene, disappear?”  If McCarthy is ousted from the Speaker chair, Greene’s protector in Congress is gone.  Whoever takes over for McCarthy will almost certainly strip Greene of her plum committee assignments, take all her power away, and send her back to the sideshow where she belongs with McCarthy and the rest of the Never-Trumpers.  That’s gotta score Gaetz some good-boy points with Granny Boobert!

Gaetz’s call for a government shutdown and a leadership change is making waves, and not just on the Potomac but all through the halls of Congress. Could Boobert’s public attempt at “manual labor” really be the driving force behind Matt Gaetz’s mission to dethrone Kevin McCarthy? 

We don’t know yet, but we will find out in the coming days. The September 30 deadline approaches.  And as the House Republicans remain divided, the question remains: Are McCarthy’s days numbered?

The countdown to the shutdown begins, and the drama continues to unfold.

By Theresa Smith-Miller

Theresa Smith-Miller is a longtime Republican strategist and former Trump advisor.

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