At a late night private event in Concord, NH last night, Trump openly rebuked support from Ron DeSantis and his supporters, saying “they cry like dogs.”

“We don’t need those losers, do we? They’re not smart people. We don’t want their support,” Trump followed.

This unexpected break in what seemed like a political alliance in the making has set tongues wagging in the world of American politics. Trump, known for his strategic endorsements that carry considerable weight within the GOP, has chosen to distance himself from one of the rising stars of the Republican party.

Trump emphasized that Ron has eroded the GOP to the point of dissolution, pointing out that DeSantis was only running to “destroy Trump.” This comes on the heels of DeSantis shooting down FL GOP lawmakers’ attempts to assist Trump with his legal bills.

The disagreement seems to stem from a fundamental difference in messaging and strategy. While DeSantis has embraced a political narrative that resonates with those who feel disenfranchised, Trump appears to be veering towards an image of strength and unbridled success. It didn’t help that DeSantis and his supporters have been attacking President Trump for almost two years straight.

The Florida governor had been seen as a potential torchbearer for Trump’s brand of politics, especially after earning praise from Republicans for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his alignment with conservative principles. Trump’s assertion that DeSantis’ followers are a “losers” has added a layer of intensity to the situation. The former president’s blunt language has once again brought to the forefront the divisive rhetoric that often characterizes American politics.

DeSantis, thus far, has not issued an official response to Trump’s rejection and the ensuing critique. Political pundits, however, are already speculating about the lasting impact this unexpected rift might have on both Trump’s and DeSantis’ political trajectories.

As the GOP navigates its way through the shifting dynamics of internal alliances and endorsements, one thing is clear: the political landscape remains as unpredictable as ever, and the fallout from Trump’s snub of DeSantis could reverberate through the upcoming elections.

By Christian Johnson

Christian is an American businessman, husband, father of five, and election fraud investigator since 2020.

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